About us

Hi my name is Jim Picard and we are The Picard Group LLC. We are an American based LLC with staff in the Philippines. Our goal with this website is to bring couples together with hope of happiness for all.

Linked to this website, we will soon be offering assistance with K1 Visa forms, we're also working on setting up a website to assist those who wish to seek employment in the U.S.A. through us. We will be seeking employers to match the employees so be sure to list your education and any skills in your profile, as we will be reviewing them and notifying you by email.

We will be adding online stores in the Philippines and the U.S.A. with a variety of products. Within a year's time we hope to have our first meet and greet in the Philippines, so gentlemen in the U.S.A. can come over to meet their sweethearts. We will be having many contests and events with lots of prizes in the future.

Thank You,
Jim Picard and Staff